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Survey Form
What is your name?
Men Women
What car is better?
Mustang Corvette
What is better?
Ninja Pirate
What is your favorite warrior?
What power would you prefer?
To fly. To be able to breath underwater.
Which class is better?
Web Design Web Design All of the above
What would you rather be?
Billionaire Saint
What food is better
P izza Hamburger Chicken Parmesean
Who is better looking?
Jessica Alba Angelina Jolie
What is more important to you?
Your life Someone else's life
What is worse?
Punting puppies Punting babies
What do you write with?
Blue Pen Black Pen Red Pen
What came first?
The chicken The egg
What ido you drive?
Pick one
Dog Cat Elephant
Who would you rather fight?
Chuck Norris Mike Tyson
What name would you pick for a dog?
Which sport is better?
Football Hockey Baseball