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Hockey is a fast paced and intense game. Ice Hockey is particularly fast paced. Even children play in competitive leagues. Some play from the age of 4 and dedicate themselves to the game.

There is also Deck Hockey and Street Hockey. These forms of the game are played on special rinks which players can run and skate. These forms are fun and exciting, but ice hockey is still the most popular. The National Hockey League, or NHL, is where the professionals play ice hockey.

He shoots, he scores!

In the NHL, America’s best play for the Stanley cup. The coveted trophy is unique in that there is only one. The winning team of a season keeps the cup until another team wins it.

Winning the Stanley cup is the highest honor. The name of the team and the year of the championship are engraved into the cup. That way, the winning team will be remembered forever. It has always been a dream of mine to be on the championship team.