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Sheena Fujibayashi

Sheena is an assassin from the prospering world of Tethe'alla who is sent to kill Collette so that she can't regenerate Sylvarant. She is a Ninja from Mizuho and a Summoner of incredible power.

These are her stats:

This is her story courtesy of Planet Gamecube:

Sheena enters the story as an assassin sent to kill the Chosen of Mana, but she is reluctant to carry out the deed and eventually befriends Colette and the other characters. Sheena is a loyal friend, and she develops a deep trust for her former enemies as they journey together. Her temper can be fierce indeed, especially when dealing with Zelos. She is racked with guilt over something in her past, and as a result, she is not very confident in her own abilities. As the only summoner, Sheena plays an important role in the story, and she also holds the potential for using immensely powerful summon spells during combat. Her other skills are rather weak and marginally useful, although her short-range card attacks are not bad. Many of the gameís boss battles require Sheena to be in the party, so itís important to take the time to learn her abilities and to keep her well equipped.

Sheena attacks using magic cards, ninja acrobatics, and by summoning.

A list of her attacks:

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These are all of Sheena's unlockable titles:

  1. Acrobat
  2. Summoner
  3. Elemental Summoner
  4. Master Summoner
  5. Ultimate Summoner
  6. Rose of Battle
  7. Master Cook
  8. Party Comboist
  9. Combo Conductor
  10. Chicken
  11. Indecisive
  12. WOW!
  1. Reach level 40
  2. Have the water and thunder summon spirits
  3. Have the spirits of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Ice, and Thunder
  4. Have all the Spirits
  5. Reach level 100
  6. Win advanced Single mode in Coliseum using Sheena
  7. Have all the recipes and talk to the wonder chef as Sheena
  8. Use Unison Attacks twice in a battle.You must control Sheena
  9. Win a battle using only Unison Attacks. You must control Sheena
  10. Escape from battle 50 times with Sheena in your party
  11. Attempt to and cancel escaping three times in one battle with Sheena in your party
  12. At the Hot Springs in Tethe'alla, after Lloyd is caught spying.