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Sarutobi Sasuke

Sarutobi Sasuke

Ninja, mysterious masters of stealth and combat. They are known to us as stealthy assassins who try to end the hero’s life in an action movie. But they are much more. Ninja are masters of Ninjutsu, a diverse art containing aspects of combat, science, and stealth. And none are greater than Sarutobi Sasuke, the legendary master ninja who carried the scroll of Ninjutsu.

Sasuke was famous for his mastery of Ninjutsu, the art of stealth. He was made famous due to his legend more than his historical exploits. The legends were so popular that they were written into book form in Japan in about 1911. The series became immensely popular, and Sasuke became famous as a literary character. Therefore, mention of him is usually made strictly in a literary manner, and at present there isn't much proof that he actually existed.

The only record that exists of Sasuke is his listing as one of Yukimura Sanada's "Sanada Juyushi" (10 heroes of Sanada). The group existed and fought in the early 1600's. Their final battle was in 1615 at Osaka castle, where the Sanada family fought for their very survival against rival families for control of Japan itself. It was at this battle where Sasuke, Sanada, and all their comrades died. This is the only thing about Sasuke that is historical fact.

The stories of Sasuke begin when he is ten. The books describe him as an innocent and mischievous child with a strong sense of justice. In the stories, great importance was placed on humor, with actual combat considered secondary. The plot focuses on Sasuke's quest to become a strong martial artist. He achieves this by leaving home at the age of ten and getting lessons from Hakunnsai Tozawa, who gives him the scroll of Ninjutsu at the end of his training.

Because of their humorous nature, the stories appealed to children. Before the stories were written, Ninja were seen as evil assassins and black magic users. Thanks to Sasuke and his author, Ninja were reconsidered in the public eye and were thought as elite and highly skilled heroes. Today, Ninja are popular characters in TV shows and movies, and the name of Sasuke is often used as the name of these characters.

Sasuke Uchiha, an anime character named after Sarutobi Sasuke