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Kratos Aurion

Kratos is a mercenary with a mysterious past who joins the party very early in the game. Kratos comes from the Greek word Cratos, meaning strength. Cratos was also the name of a Greek demi-god, a companion of Zeus and the son of the Titan Pallas and the goddess Styx, who was the representative of the river of the same name.

These are his stats:

This is his story courtesy of Wikipedia:

Ancient Hero

Kratos's story actually begins approximately 2000 years before the events in Tales of Symphonia take place. Kratos, the only human companion of the hero Mithos, travelled the world and helped to put an end to the Kharlan War, actually a war between the lands of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla. During these adventures, Mithos formed a pact with the Summon Spirit Origin. After the pact was formed, a seal was created to prevent anyone else from gaining Origin's power. This seal prevented anyone from contacting Origin unless all of the mana was released from Kratos's body. Essentially, if the seal was broken then Kratos would die. After the war, Martel was slain, driving Mithos mad, and causing him to misinterperet Martel's dying wish of a world free of discrimination to mean that everyone must be the same. Kratos, along with his remaining companions Yuan and Mithos, became the first angels of Cruxis. Since Kratos was human, and had no elven blood in his veins (Mithos and Yuan were half-elves) he ingested a magical rock called Aionis, allowing him to wield magical weapons and become an angel. The angels became three of the Four Seraphim (Martel is the fourth), and founded the Church of Martel, a cover for Mithos's "Age of Lifeless Beings", which plans to replace all races with half-elf angels. They also founded the Desian organization, designed to aid in Mithos's plans.

Tortured Paramour

After learning about Mithos's plans for the "Age of LIfeless Beings" Kratos left Derris Kharlan and Mithos, descending upon Sylvarant. There he met a human woman named Anna, a research subject in the Angelus Project, an attempt to culture a Cruxis Crystal within a human host, similarly to the way an exsphere is made. The two fell in love, and married. Kratos soon realized that there must be a better way to reunite the two worlds, and so he began to search for a way for a human to wield the Eternal Sword, the object that Mithos used to split the worlds. The pair were forever pursued by Cruxis, and soon they had a child, Lloyd. Eventually, the Desian Grand Cardinal Kvar caught them, at which point Anna's key crest was removed, causing her to become a mindless monster. She attacked the infant Lloyd, who was only saved after their pet Noishe interfered. These events temporarily caused Anna to regain her old self, at which point she begged Kratos to kill her. He couldn't bring himself to do it, and Anna soon lost control again. She once again turned on Lloyd, and with Noishe too injured to help, Kratos killed her. Kvar then attacked, causing Lloyd, Noishe, and Anna's exsphere to tumble down a cliff near the Iselia Human Ranch. Kratos managed to defeat Kvar and his men, and then descended the cliff, only to find Desian corpses that were half devoured by monsters. Believing his son to be dead, Kratos lost all meaning in his life. He soon returned to Cruxis, where he aided Mithos beliving that he would reunite the two worlds after Martel was revived.

Mysterious Mercernary

After the Cruxis Crystal kept in Martel Temple shines, indicating that the time for the oracle has come, Mithos send Kratos to Sylvarant in order to watch over the Chosen of Mana, Colette, and make sure she does not stray from the Path of Salvation. He appears to Lloyd, Genis, and Colette while they battle a fierce warrior of a group known as "The Renegades", Vidarr. After defeating him, Kratos introduces himself as a mercernary, at which point Phaidra, Colette's grandmother, hires him to protect the chosen. When the party travels to Dirk's house later in the game, Kratos sees Anna's grave. It is at this point that he realizes that Lloyd is his son. Throughout the early stages of the game, Kratos displays outstanding knowledge of the ancient world, raising Raine's suspicions as to his true intentions. Despite his malevolent secret agenda, Kratos takes a keen interest in Lloyd's development as a warrior, although he takes a fairly callous approach to this. Once the party reaches the Tower of Salvation, Kratos goes on ahead of Lloyd and the others, delivering Colette to Cruxis. Lloyd and the others arrive just as Colette prepares to become fully angel, sacrificing her memory and her heart. Remiel reveals this to the party, and attacks them. Lloyd and the others defeat him, at which point Remiel begs for Kratos to save him. Kratos lets Remiel die, at which point he reveals his true identity (albeit leaving out the fact that he's Lloyd's father). When Lloyd and the others learn this, they engage in a near-impossible battle with Kratos. Afterwards, Mithos Yggdrasil himself comes to the tower from Derris Kharlan where he seriously injures the party. Under Yggdrasil's orders, Kratos prepares to kill Lloyd, but is stopped by Botta and the Renegades.

Questionable Outsider

Kratos is encountered once again in Tethe'alla, atop the Fuuji mountains, when the party goes there to retrieve the Rheirds. During these events the party becomes aware for the first time that there is some relation between Yuan and Kratos. Kratos is encountered by the party in Sybak as well. This time he is even more mysterious, indicating that in order for Colette to live she must remove the key crest that cured her Angel Toxicosis. Throughout these later events in the game it becomes increasingly difficult for Lloyd and the others to see where his true allegiences lie. Before Lloyd severs the final mana link, Kratos appears and warns the party not to do so. However, after the Mana Tree goes haywire and begins to tear the world apart, Kratos regoins the party and aids them (against Mithos's orders) in destroying the tree. The next time Kratos would encounter the party would be when Yuan offered to let him secretly meet Lloyd. At Altessa's House, Lloyd learned of Kratos's relation to him and immeediately went into denial. Yuan then threatened to kill Lloyd unless Kratos released Origin's seal, but this was interrupted by Ygdrassil himself. Kratos next appears after the initial defeat of Ygdrassil in the Great Seed Chamber. He tells Lloyd that the only true way to reunite the two worlds is to wield the Eternal Sword. Kratos then proceeds to Treant Forest, in Heimdall and waits for Lloyd at Origin's seal. After dueling Lloyd, Kratos is badly injured, but not killed, instead gaining Lloyd's forgiveness. Kratos then releases the small mana remaining in his body to open the seal, but Yuan appears in a deus ex machina moment and puts a small bit of his mana into Kratos, saving him.

Salvation and Beyond

From his battle with Lloyd and beyond, Kratos stays at Dirk's House in Sylvarant. Too wounded to aid in the coming fight with Mithos, he instead gives Lloyd his finest sword, a blade made of flame. This blade, along with Dirk's ice blade, form one of Lloyd's strongest weapons, the Materia Blade. After the defeat of Mithos at the hand of Lloyd and the others, Kratos is one of the last angels remaining in the world. He agrees with Lloyd's idea that exspheres should no longer be able to be used by people, due to the senseless waste of human life involved. For this reason, as well as the personal belief that with Cruxis gone he has no place in the world, he decides to remain on Derris Kharlan and jettison Cruxis's supply of exspheres into space. He uses the remains of the Tower of Salvation to return to Derris Kharlan, where he remains for the rest of time.

Being a Mage/ Swordsman, Kratos can masterfully wield a sword as well as unleash magical doom.

A list of his attacks:

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These are all of Kratos' unlockable titles:

  1. Traitor
  2. Magic Swordsman
  3. Battle God
  4. War God
  5. Dad
  6. Tetra Slash
  7. Conqueror
  8. Gourmet Master
  9. Judgement
  1. When Kratos re-join the party in Iselia human ranch
  2. Reach level 20
  3. Reach level 40
  4. Reach level 100
  5. When you see the skit' Childhood Memory'
  6. Do three attacks followed by a special skill in battle
  7. Complete advanced single mode at Coliseum using Kratos
  8. Have all the recipes and talk to the wonder chef as Kratos
  9. When you get to the part where Lloyd gets the Material Blade Kratos will join your party and receive the title and the tech Judgement