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Ninja swords- The typical shinobigatana carried by a ninja would most likely have been a wakizashi or cut-down katana, fitted with a katana-length handle and placed in a katana-length saya (scabbard). This may have been used to deceive one's opponents into miscalculating how quickly it could be drawn, allowing one to use an Iaijutsu strike faster than expected. It also disguises the weapon (that would easily identify them as a ninja) as a common sword. The extra space in the saya may also be used to store or hide other equipment or goods.

Shuriken- Shuriken are throwing blades. The martial art of wielding the shuriken is called shuriken-jutsu. Tracing back through history to determine the origins of this unique throwing weapon is difficult, if not impossible. In theory, it can be seen how the four-pointed Senban shuriken, characteristic of the Togakure Ryu of ninjutsu, was perhaps developed from the four-cornered, iron reinforcing plates (washers) that backed up the heads of the used in the joining of timbers in castle and fortress construction.The major varieties are the bo shuriken and the hira shuriken, throwing blades with multiple points, sometimes called senban but more commonly known in the West as throwing stars or ninja stars, due to their distinctive shape. These "throwing stars" usually had only four points, but they were known to have up to eight.


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