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      Frequently Asked Questions/ Help Page

Where are the ninja stars?
The proper name for the "ninja star" is shuriken. They are sold on the products page.

What are martial arts?  
The martial arts are a series of different stlyes of fighting. They can be used for self defense, exercsie, or just to develop self discipline.

Where can I learn martial arts?
There are many places to learn martial arts. Our contact page has a link to one such place that we highly recommend.

Will martial arts help me beat people up?
Technically yes, but the martial arts are meant to enhance self discipline, therefore they should only be used when absolutely needed.

Where can I learn more about Kage?
Check out the about page.

My sword broke, where can I get a new one?
We apologize for the inconvinience, if you call our offices we can send you a new one free of charge.

What if I can't find something?
Call our offices and if we don't have it we can special order it for you.

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