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             About Kage Inc.

Kage (pronounced Ka-gay) is the Japanese word for shadow. This was chosen as the company’s name due to its association with our clients: Ninja. Kage Inc. is dedicated to providing the modern Ninja with all the necessary tools. From razor sharp shuriken (throwing stars) and wooden practice swords to outfits and smoke bombs, Kage has all the equipment needed by the in-training martial artists and the professional ninja.

Kage is the only weapons provider with a skill matching system. Upon request, we can evaluate a customer’s proficiency in the martial arts and find a weapon that will suit their particular skills. We are also a thriving martial arts community, connecting challenge seeking martial artists to competitive and cooperative environments to train or to test their skills. We at Kage Inc. know that ninja are still out there and fighting, and we are dedicated to providing them with the gear they need as well as a place to fight.

           The history of Kage Inc.

In the Land of the Rising Sun, there was war. This era is known to us today as the Sengoku period, or the "era of the warring states". In those ancient times, blood was shed daily as the rival lords employed thousands of Samurai warriors. After many bloody battles, lords sought a way to end the fighting without more death in their dwindling armies. Were there not any warriors capable of getting information or assassinating rival lords in secret? The answer to this problem: ninja. Ninja came out of the shadows and flourshied during the Sengoku period, carrying out great operations that won battles. As time passed, however, the ninja found themselves out of work due to the more peaceful times that came to Japan. In the years after WWII, ninja were mainly unheard of, with the exception of Fujita Seiko, who was known as the last ninja. However, ninja are still out there, even if they are small in number. It is in the name of these brave few that Kage Inc. was established to serve martial artists.